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ENGL 1275 - Writing For Social Media

ENGL 1275 trains students in social media navigation and the creation of quality platform-specific content that invites readers to engage with the teachings of the ascended masters on social media. Students will learn and extensively practice a set of writing-related skills that will empower them to create authentic content for social media. They will become familiar with posting on global sites such as Medium and Instagram and will explore a variety of other platforms. Their new social media skills will also be useful for presenting information and engaging visitors on local teaching center and study group websites. The course includes many detailed exercises to help students get comfortable with writing and posting on the web.

Course Details

Dates: October 19 - December 13 (8 weeks)
Credits: 1
Cost: $200 (audit $155*) - includes tuition, tech fee and workshop fee

*audit = You will have access to all class content and weekly forums without having to submit assignments or take tests.

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