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New Writing Courses

ENGL 1225
English Writing Skills

ENGL 1225 is a skills training course that teaches the principles of good English writing. The course includes composition, vocabulary, spelling and punctuation, formal vs. informal writing, using active and passive voice, writing in first, second and third person, and similar topics. Students will also be reviewing different areas of writing such as articles, business writing, cover letters, essays and email composition. Practice exercises designed for skill enhancement supplement the textbook materials.

Did you know? English has over 60,000 verbs and more than 80,000 nouns. New English words are created every day, all around the world!

Topics include:

  • Composition
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Formal vs. informal writing
  • Using active and passive voice
  • Writing in first, second and third person

Dates: August 17 - October 11 (8 weeks)
Credits: 1
Cost: $200 ($155 to audit*)
- includes tuition & tech fee and workshop fee

*audit = You will have access to all class content and weekly forums without having to submit assignments or take tests.

New students 
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ENGL 1275
Writing for Social Media

ENGL 1275 trains students in social media navigation and the creation of quality platform-specific content that invites readers to engage with the teachings of the ascended masters on social media. Students will learn and extensively practice a set of writing-related skills that will empower them to create authentic content for social media, ranging from global sites such as Medium and Instagram to local social media platforms such as teaching center and study group websites, where their new social media skills will help them effectively present information and engage visitors in interactions with the group. The course includes detailed exercises to help students get comfortable with writing for the web.

Did you know? More than 2 million new articles are posted on the internet every day. Writing for the web is one of the best skills to have in today's digital society!

Topics include:

  • Writing quality content for the internet
  • Engaging in a social media conversation
  • How to set up an Instagram and Medium accounts
  • Weekly practice assignments

Dates: October 19 - December 13 (8 weeks)
Credits: 1
Cost: $200 ($155 to audit*)
- includes tuition & tech fee and workshop fee

*audit = You will have access to all class content and weekly forums without having to submit assignments or take tests.

NEW Students:

Online applications for Fall Semester 2021 will be accepted through Thursday, July 15.

1) Do you have any questions? Contact the Registrar at
2) Fill out an application, click “Submit” and pay the application fee.
3) Receive confirmation and steps for how to register from the SU Registrar.
4) Login on August 17 to begin your first class!


For questions, please contact the Registrar at or (406) 848-9658.

Not sure if you are a School of Theology Student?

Check with the Registrar at or (406) 848-9658!

We'll see you in class in August!

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Lista de recursos para ser
un adepto en español

Esta LISTA DE RECURSOS PARA SER UN ADEPTO le ayudará a incursionar en el emocionante mundo de ser un adepto.


Group Options

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Karen Brewer

Summit University Registrar

Take a GROUP EXTENSION course!

Group extension courses are a great way to nurture your community (even online) or grow your group through online outreach and new-seeker classes. In this video, SU Registrar Karen Brewer walks you through the process of how to register and take an extension course as a group.

Take a course as a group!

Interested in broadcasting a field seminar?

If your group is interested in broadcasting an SU seminar,
email Patrick Rogers:

Build community as you study with the GROUP AUDIT course option!

In this video, SU Registrar Karen Brewer explains what the Group Audit Course Option is, how it works and how your group can get started today. It's a little-known option in Summit University, but the groups that have audited courses together have greatly benefited from the deep study in a particular subject. Watch the video to learn more!

Benefits of taking a course as a group:

  • Build and strengthen your community as you study the teachings together
  • Reduced application and course tuition
  • Audit the course at a time that is convenient for your group and your instructor
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Karen Brewer

Summit University Registrar

Here's what one of our group audit students said about the Spiritual Psychology course:

"I cannot speak for the others, but taking the course drew me closer to the other community members. As we shared our homework assignments with other online, our different approaches and perspectives became apparent. We learned from each other. The process was enriching. I felt that it strengthened my bond to the community - some of whom live at a distance from our study group location. Even though the course was online, I felt part of the community, and felt supported by the community."

- B.C.


In addition to Summit University's course and seminar offerings, we've published a number of FREE resources. Watch the video below to learn what you can access NOW for FREE!

Free Units of online extension courses

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Simone Moessinger

Summit University Consultant

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