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Enter the Spiral of Immortal Life
with Serapis Bey, Amen Bey, Clara Louise
and the Brotherhood at Luxor

July 6-9 2022



This Summer SU seminar is available for virtual attendance and on-site attendance. Please see details below.

  • This retreat is open to Keepers of the Flame® as well as to new students who have a basic understanding of the Teachings of the Ascended Masters and the Science of the Spoken Word. The minimum age for attendance is 15.
  • The seminar will be held Wednesday, July 6 through Saturday, July 9 (9:15 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. MT each day). Additional decree sessions will also be available.

On-Site Attendance

  • On-site attendance is open to Keepers of the Flame® only.
  • Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • The Summit Lighthouse is placing no COVID-related restrictions on travel to the Inner Retreat or attendance at this conference. Restrictions on international or other travel imposed by governments or carriers may apply. As always, take sensible precautions against illness and please join us from home if you are not feeling well.

To Register for On-site Attendance:

Phone #:
(406) 848 9500

SU on-site cancellations will be processed minus a $50 fee through JULY 6.

Virtual Attendance

  • Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
  • The seminar will be broadcast Wednesday, July 6 through Saturday, July 9 (9:15 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. MT each day). Additional decree sessions will also be available.
  • The seminar will be rebroadcast in English for Asia-Pacific and Europe-Africa regions July 7-10. See details below.
  • Replays of the seminar will be available to all students through September 30, 2022.
  • All students must login to the SU online system (Summit University online – online.summituniversity.org), watch the Orientation Video, and download their workbook by July 5. (Since SU uses a different system from The Summit Lighthouse Member Area to broadcast its seminars, students are encouraged to register early to have enough time to become acquainted with the SU online system.)

(English Only)

Is the daily Montana live broadcast
inconvenient for your time zone?

Join us for a REGIONAL rebroadcast!

  • SU Volunteers in Europe and Australia will be hosting a rebroadcast of the seminar July 7-10
    for SU students in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Pacific regions.
  • The rebroadcast will include the opportunity for group discussions.
  • Additional live and replay decree sessions will be available.
  • Register for your region to access the rebroadcast in your time zone region.


  • Live rebroadcast Thursday, July 7 through Sunday, July 10
  • 9:15 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Central Europe Time each day
  • Morning Decrees: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. CET
  • Live and replay evening services focused on regional issues


  • Live rebroadcast Thursday, July 7 through Sunday, July 10
  • 9:15 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. East Australia Standard Time each day
  • Morning Decrees: 8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. AEST
  • Live and replay evening services focused on regional issues


Ascension. It’s a word full of mystery and wonder. It’s also the goal of life as defined by the ascended masters and their messengers. But the ascension is not a guaranteed goal, and it is not easy to measure progress towards by human standards. The path of the ascension requires striving and the solving of life’s many puzzles. The closer we get to the change called death, many wonder, “Have I done enough to earn my ascension?”

Enter Serapis Bey! As the Hierarch of the Ascension Temple at Luxor, this incomparable chohan, who loves your soul more than you’ll ever know, is ready to teach you from his very own handbook, Dossier on the Ascension. He shows you what is important and what’s not so important in preparing for your ascension. And he instructs you on how to make the ascension not just a series of steps in your life, but an all-encompassing journey of love that will lead you right back to the heart of God.

The ascension must be desired and it must be desired ordinately. It must be desired not as a mechanism of escape from responsibility or from worldly duties. It must be desired as the culmination of a lifetime of service in the will of God, and men must be willing during their final embodiments upon the planet—the time of their escape from the round of the centuries—to give the very best of service to the light and to help usher in the kingdom.

Serapis Bey, Dossier on the Ascension, pp.164-165


Summit University offers 10 youth scholarships for full-time students ages 18-24. For more information and an application form, contact Patrick Rogers (PRogers@TSL.org) by June 15, 2022.


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Registration (Now - July 6):
Tuition per person:
$325 USD

By clicking the button above you will be redirected to the Summit University online shopping cart to complete your registration.

Your seminar tuition includes:

  • Access to the full live broadcast from King Arthur's Court in the comfort of your own living room July 6-9 via SU's online courses website
  • Downloadable workbook
  • Opportunities for online group discussions and to ask questions (for live participants only)
  • Regional rebroadcast (if you register for this option)
  • Online group discussions and adjusted schedule for our participants in Europe/Africa and Asia/Pacific time zones (so you can join the seminar from anywhere in the world)
  • Replays access through Sep. 30, 2022


Can I attend on-site for some of the days and/or receive the blessing on-site if I register for the virtual option?

Yes! While we encourage on-site attendance for everyone who is able to participate in King Arthur’s Court, we know that this is not possible for everyone. However, we encourage all students, including registered virtual students who will be in the local area during Summer SU, to attend the seminar in person as much as possible, and especially during the last day of the seminar, which includes the clearance ritual and the blessing. Instructions on what virtual students need to do to enter the Court will be available in your online seminar environment.

Will I get a workbook if I register for virtual attendance? How do I get my workbook? Can I print my workbook?

Yes! All virtual attendees will receive access to a downloadable PDF version of the SU student workbook directly in their online seminar environment. You are welcome to download and save this PDF to your computer, or to print it.

Can SU print my workbook so that I can pick it up at the conference or have it mailed to me?

No. Unfortunately, this is not an option that we can provide for virtual attendees at this time unless they attend on-site during the seminar.

How long will I have access to the seminar and replays?

You will have access to all seminar replays through September 30, 2022.

What technical skills or computer setup do I need to attend the seminar virtually?

You’ll need a good internet connection with enough bandwidth for video streaming. (We recommend at least 1 mbps download speed, which you can test here: https://testmy.net/download) If you have an email address, are comfortable with a service like Facebook and/or with using the TSL membership area, you’re good to go. We will use Zoom, a simple web conferencing application, for group discussions. It requires minimal setup and offers a phone option for those who are more comfortable with using a telephone. Our technical staff have made a short orientation video presentation available that will walk you through the steps of setting up for and accessing the online seminar environment.

What if I need help before/during/after the seminar?

Our SU Tech Support team is available to assist you with technical problems related to the seminar. Contact us at http://SummitUniversity.org/help or by email at support@SummitUniversity.org and an agent will respond to you within 24 hours. We will offer faster support times during the live seminar broadcast on July 6-9, 2022.

How soon will replays be posted?

Replays will be posted at the end of each live seminar day.

Do I have to attend every session live?

No, but it is encouraged. Please keep in mind that only live participants will be eligible for the blessing at the end of the seminar.

That said, we understand that SU students have busy schedules, so every session will be archived as a replay that you can access through September 30, 2022. You are welcome to register for the seminar and only watch the replays at a later date as your schedule permits. Just select the “replays-only” option when you register.

Due to my time zone, I am sleeping during part of the live broadcast. Can I still participate?

Yes! This summer SU is making accommodations to extend the live broadcast and group discussion experience to students who live in Europe, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific regions. Make sure you register for your correct time zone region to participate.

Will there be group discussions that I can participate in virtually?

Yes! All virtual participants will have the option of joining group discussions during the live seminar broadcast. Group discussions will be facilitated by one of our SU group facilitators. SU uses Zoom, a simple web conferencing application, for group discussions. Zoom has proven to be easy to use for the vast majority of our past seminar participants. You will need a computer with a microphone/camera setup or a phone to participate. Details on how to join a Zoom meeting room can be found here: http://SummitUniversity.org/Zoom

What if I want to speak to a minister during the seminar?

A minister will be available for spiritual counseling during the live seminar broadcast. Details for how to arrange for a phone/Skype/Zoom meeting with a minister will be available in the online seminar environment.

What is your refund policy?

Students will be able to request cancellation of their enrollment in an SU Virtual (Broadcast) Seminar prior to and during the first morning of their seminar without financial penalties. Requests for cancellation of enrollment after the first morning will incur financial penalties based on the refund schedule below.

Cancellations can be requested by contacting the SU Registrar at registrar@SummitUniversity.org. Cancellations will be processed by having tuition/fees credited to the student’s account. No refunds will be made for dropping courses/seminars except in cases where a student can demonstrate financial hardship and/or an inability to access their online course due to technical difficulties.

The SU virtual (broadcast) seminar refund schedule is as follows:



Before or during the first morning of SU Virtual (Broadcast) Seminar

No penalties;
Tuition/fees credited to student’s account

After the end of the first morning of the SU Virtual (Broadcast) Seminar, but still during the live seminar broadcast

20% of tuition will be forfeited as a deferral fee (per seminar); Remaining tuition/fees credited to student’s account

During the first 7 days of the replay period

50% of tuition will be forfeited as a deferral fee (per seminar); Remaining tuition/fees credited to student’s account

8th day of replay period or later

No cancellations will be honored